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face the music 接收惩罚;面对困难
faculty and staff 教职员
faculty members 教职员
fair and square 忠诚与坦白
fair-weather friend 酒肉朋友
fall behind 落后;失利
fall for look 女人爱漂亮
fall out with 争吵
fall through 失败;毁灭
family man 有家室之人
far from, be 远不是
fast one 一搭就上的(男人或女人)
Fat chance! 不太可能的事!
fat hangovers 好厉害的醉后头疼
fat-head 人头猪脑
favorite son 被自己一州拥护的候选人
fed sb a big line 对某人说了个大谎.
fed up (with) 对某事厌倦
fed up with, be 感到厌倦
feel free 随便…
feel like 很想要
feel up to 能胜任
feeling in the pink 觉得愉快
feminine type 女人气质的
few and far between 难能可贵
fifty-fifty 五五支付
fight it out 据理力争;武力解决
figure out 考虑出;想出
fill in for 代替
fill out 填表
find a sugar daddy 找到一个有钱的老头子
find a way out 找出一条出路
fire sale 减价出售
first in line 队伍中排第一名
fish in troubled waters 混水摸鱼;趁火打劫
fish story 荒唐无比的故事
fix up 修理
flat tire 没精打采
flicker out 过去了
fly by 飞逝
fly off the handle 平时有教养的人突然失去常态
fold up 破产
following sb’s footsteps 效法;继承
fool around with 与不三不四的人鬼混
fooling around 闲逛
for all I know 据我所知
for good 永远地
for good and all 永远
for nothing 免费
for one thing (插入语)但是
for sale 出售
for the love of Mike 梦想不到
for the time being 暂时;目前
forget it 没关系
Forget it. 算了.
four-letter words 骂人语;四字真言
frame up 栽赃陷害
free hand 全权处理
frightened to death 吓死了
from A to Z 从头到尾
from scratch 从头开始
from the look of sb 从某人的外表看来
full charge of 全权负责
full of bull 胡言乱语
full to the brim (吃得)满到喉头
fuss over 焦虑
gain weight 长胖了
get a big kick 玩得很开心
get a check cashed 支票兑现
get a move on! 快点!
get a nerve 胆子大
get across 说明;达成;克服
get all in a panic 惊恐
get all up tight 紧张到极点
get along with 相处融洽
get around 有办法应付局面
get away with 成功;逃避惩罚
get behind 支持
get cold feet 沮丧;临阵退缩
get cracking 快点!
get down to 开始处理
get down to business 办正经事
get even 报复
get going 开始;动手;赶快
get hooked on sth 被某事迷住了
get in touch with 和…联络
get it over with 赶快把事情做妥当
get lost 迷失
get mad at 对某人生气
get me down 令我生气
get nothing on me 尚未找到证据
get nowhere 一事无成
get off on the wrong foot 开始就乱了步骤
get off the ground 进行顺利;刚开始
get on the ball 机灵些;敏捷些
get one wrong 误会某人
get one’s goat 故意为难
get out of the bed on the wrong side 脾气好的人突然变得难以相处
get over 完成;复原;超越
get pinched 失手;落网
get rid of 干掉;摆脱
get rolling 开始;动手
get rusty 技术、头脑等生疏
get sb by the neck 捉住
get somewhere 有所成就
get sth off one’s chest 把心中的话讲出来
get sth straight 办好;搞通;了解
get stuck 抛锚;进入僵局
get the bulge on 占优势;胜过;欺诈
get the drop on 先发制人
get the green light 得到…许可
get the picture 明白某种情形
get the sack 被解雇
get through 到达;办完;通过;花光
get through to 使理解;打通电话
get together again 破镜重圆
get up the courage 鼓起勇气
get what’s coming to one 咎由自取
get wise to 了解;明白
get with it 快点!
girl of the old school 守旧的女性
give a lift 让…搭车
give away 泄露;赠送
give credit for sb 归功于某人
give him the dose of his own medicine 以其人之道还治其人之身
give it a try 偿一偿吧
give it to one straight 坦白地告诉某人
give me a minute 请等一等
give me headache 令我头痛
give one the air 一刀两断
give one the ax 开除
give one the brush 对人冷淡;把人抛弃
give one the eye 眉目传情
give other one’s word 向人保证
give sb a black eye 打某人一顿
give sb a break 给某人一个改过的机会
give sb a buzz 打电话给某人
give sb a dirty look 对某人瞪一眼
give sb a free hand 放手让某人干一件事
give sb a lift 让某人搭车
give sb a piece of one’s mind 骂某人一顿
give sb a ride 让某人搭车
give sb a ring 打电话给…
give sb enough rope 让某人自食其果
give sb hell 冷嘲热讽
give sb some of his own medicine 以其人之道还治其人之身
give sb the cold shoulder 冷淡对待
give sb the go-by 对某人的存在熟视无睹
give sb the green light 允许
give sth away for nothing 不是白送的
give up 放弃
glad eye 抛媚眼
go a long way 有用
go about 从事
go ahead 说吧
go all out doing sth 竭尽全力
go around with a chip on one’s shoulder 到处寻衅
go at it 努力奋斗
go broke 破产
go down 下降;被记录下来
go down the drain 前功尽弃;白费心机
go downhill 每况愈下
go Dutch 各自付帐
go easy 节省一点;少用一些
go fly a kite 滚开
go for 努力求得;想要
go get them 动手吧
go into 深入讨论
go on 继续;接近
go on a bender 喝酒喧哗
go on the horse 快一点吧
go over 研究;检查
go steady 确定恋爱关系
go through 细查;经历
go through with 完成
go to pieces 破成碎片
go up in the air 怒火冲天
go with everything 与任何东西都相配
go-between 中间人;嫁人
God knows. 天晓得.
God, what’s the world comming to? 天哪,这世界变成什么样子?
gold brick 偷懒的人
gold digger 掘金女郎
gone with the wind 随风而逝
good buy 价廉物美的东西
good for nothing 毫无用处的
good to the last drop 滴滴香浓
good turn 好意
goof off 逃学;不尽职
got it? 明白了吗?
Got you. 照片拍好了.
Great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同.
I bet you are right. 我同意你的说法.
I can never thank you enough. 我不知道该怎样多谢你.
I can’t afford to lose… 我丢不起…
I can’t believe my eye. 我简直不敢相信你的眼睛.
I don’t buy your story. 我不相信你的话.
I don’t care. 我不在乎.
I don’t have a slightest idea. 我一点也不知道.
I don’t want to be in your shoes. 我不要象你那样.
I feel the call of nature 内急;急于上厕所
I get them mixed up. 我把它们搞乱了.
I give you my word. 我向你保证.
I have no idea. 我简直一无所知.
I haven’t got the foggiest. 我一点也摸不着头脑.
I know what I’m doing. 我知道该怎样做.
I like the way you have. 照你原来的样子就好了.
I lost you. 我不了解你的意思.
I love her something fierce. 我爱她爱得要命.
I may be psychic. 可能是第六感作用.
I mean what I say. 我说的是实话.
I must be in love. 我一定是在谈恋爱了.
I was behind my paper correcting. 把改卷子的事耽误了.
I was fooled by the terms. 我被这些名词搞糊涂了.
I was starved to death. 我饿死了.
I won’t take no for an answer. 你非答应不可.
I would appreciate it. 我非常感谢.
I’d enjoy the company. 我很高兴有个伴.
I’ll be right over. 我马上就来.
I’ll be right with you. 我马上就来.
I’ll bet… 我敢打赌
I’ll give it to you strait. 我坦白对你说吧.
I’ll go a couple of rounds with you. 我和你过几招.
I’ll have him call you. 我会叫他打电话给你.
I’ll heed your words. 我会考虑你的话.
I’ll say. 英雄所见略同
I’ll see to it. 我会留意这件事的.
I’ll see you home. 我送你回家吧.
I’ll take a chance. 我要试试看.
I’ll take a raincheck on that. 迟些再谈吧.
I’ll tell you what. 我有一个主意.
I’m afraid you got the wrong number. 恐怕你弄错了电话号码.
I’m all for it. 我全力支持.
I’m beat. 我很累
I’m completely in your hands. 由你作主.
I’m full. 我吃饱了.
I’m getting so big. (孕妇)我肚子越来越大了.
I’m hanged… 我保证没有…
I’m not broke. 我不是一个钱没有.
I’m not myself today. 今天我不太舒服.
I’m still in shock. 我还在兴奋.
I’m stuffed. 我吃得好饱.
I’m the suave type. 我是书生型的.
I’ve got to run. 我该走了.
I’ve thrown in my hat, can the body follow? 我可以进来吗?
I-love-me fellow 自命不凡的人
I.O.U 我欠你;借据 (I owe you)
if it’s all right with you 如果你觉得方便的话…
immediate family 自己人
in a jam 遇到困难;事情搞得一团糟
in a jiffy 一会,马上
in a lousy mood 心情很坏
in a nutshell 总而言之
in a whole skin 平安地
in at one ear and out at the other 左耳入,右耳出
in charge of 负责管理
in due time 适时;终于
in fashion 流行
in for a treat, be 请欣赏…
in good condition 情况良好
in good shape 精神或身体状态好
in hot water 遇到麻烦
in line 排队
in no time 随时;立即
in one’s line 专长
in short 简单地说
in short order 迅速地
in spite of oneself 不由自主
in that get up 穿那样的服装
in the dark 全然不知
in the eyes of sb 在某人的观点中
in the hole 遇到经济困难
in the long run 从长远来看;终究
in the offering 就在眼前
in the pen 被困在监狱里
in the pink 精神或身体状态好
in the roar 轰笑着
in the soap 遇到麻烦
in turn 进而
in(on) behalf of 代表
ineligible for, be 不被录取的
inferiority complex 自卑感
information bureau 万事通
innocent kid 清白无辜的人
inside dope 内幕消息
installment plan 分期付款
intensive course 精读课程
Is Frank in, please? Frank在家吗?
Is my face red? 问心有愧
Is that so? 是这样吗?
Is this seat taken? 这座位有没有人?
Isn’t it ever? 我同意你的说法.
Isn’t it though? 我同意你的说法.
Isn’t my word good enough? 我的话你也信不过吗?
It cost me a small fortune. 花了一笔小钱.
It isn’t cricket. 不公平;不合理
It makes me sick. 我受不了.
It never rains but it pours. 祸不单行
it pays to do sth 值得做某事
It sounds inviting. 听起来很吸引人.
It was your fault. 那是你的错.
It will be just the thing. 刚好合适.
It would really come in handy. 它实在方便.
It’s a piece of cake. 真是小菜一碟
It’s about time you start thinking ahead 你该想想做些什么了.
It’s been reserved. 这张桌子已经有人定了.
It’s Greek to me. 对我犹如天书;我莫名其妙
it’s high time 是…的时候了
It’s nice you survived. 很高兴你还活着.
It’s none of your business. 这不关你的事.
It’s on me. 由我出钱
it’s only to find out 只不过想打听一下
Jack of all trades 似乎什么都懂的人
jolly dog(guy) 乐天派
jump on sb 向某人乱发脾气
jump the battery 充电
jumping the gun 迫不及待
just a minute 等一等;就来了;且慢
just as well 不如做某事也可
Just as you say. 好吧,随你的便
just follow suit 照办;跟进去
just for the fun of it 只不过好奇罢了
just the ticket, be 正是所需的
just too bad 太可惜;真糟糕
just what the doctor ordered 正合我的心意
keep a running account of 把教授在课堂讲的内容都记下来
keep a straight face 忍住不笑出来
keep an eye on 留意
keep an eye on sth 密切注意
keep body and soul together 继续活下去
keep company 陪伴
keep in touch with 联系
keep it to yourself 保密
keep it under your hat 保密
keep my fingers crossed 交叉手指,乞求某事成功
keep one’s head 镇定
keep one’s head above water 活下去
keep one’s nose to the grand stone 孜孜工作
keep one’s shirt on 不动手打架
keep pace with 保持同步
keep punching 继续努力
keep sb at arm’s length 疏远;保持距离
keep track (of) 登记;记录
keep track of one’s attendance 留意某人的出勤
keep track of time 记住时间
kick downstairs 被撤职
kick off 开始干某事
kick sb upstairs 明升暗降
kick the bucket 死了
kidding around 老开玩笑
kill time 消磨时间
kill time 消磨时间
kill two birds with one stone 一石二鸟
killing one 笑死某人;痛死某人
knock it off 别再讲下去了
Knock on wood. 说话禁忌,赶紧讨个吉利.
knock one flat 把某人打倒在地
knock oneself out 精疲力尽
knock their eyes out 漂亮得使他们目瞪口呆
know one’s onions 精通某事
know one’s way around 熟悉道路
know-it-all 似乎样样事都知道的人
lady-killer 引诱女人的男子
laid eyes on 见过
last final 期末考试的最后一天
last minute rush 最后一分钟的匆忙
last word 最新成就
laughing matter 无关紧要的事
lay aside 储蓄
learn a lesson 受到教训
leave it at that 暂时停止争论
leave it to me 交给我办吧
leave me alone 不要打扰我
leave much to be desired 大有改进必要
leave out 忽略;遗漏
leave sth up to sb 让某人决定某事
leave the lights on 不息灯
let bygones be bygones 过去的事就让它过去吧
let down 使失望;放低;失信;出卖
let go of me 放开我
Let me put it this way. 让我这么讲吧.
let nature take its course 顺其自然
let off 下车;开枪;释放
let the cat out of the bag 泄漏秘密
Let’s be on our way. 我们走吧.
Let’s change the subject. 不要再说这个了.
Let’s take a break. 我们休息一下吧!
Life is short, don’t drag your feet. 人生短暂,得尽欢时就尽欢.
life of the party 聚会的核心人物
like a cat on hot bricks 热锅上的蚂蚁
Like a letter from home. 好极了,象接到家书一样.
like a turtle on its back 对事情束手无策
like a veteran 象个老手
like ducks to water 如鱼得水
Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子
little or nothing 只差一点点
live a dog’s life 过着牛马不如的生活
live by oneself 独居
live up to one’s words 履行诺言
loafing around 游手好闲
lone wolf 独自一人
long stories 说谎;吹牛皮
Long time no see. 好久不见
look before you leap 三思而后行
look for a needle in a key stack 大海捞针
look for trouble 自讨苦吃
look here 听我说
look into 调查
look out 当心
look over 快速检查
look up 探望;涨价;形势好转;查字典
look up to sb 尊敬某人
Look who you’re talking to. 看清楚你是在对什么人说话.
looking forward to, be 期待
lose one’s nerve 紧张,没勇气
lose one’s shirt. 输得精光
lose track of the days 把时间搞糊涂了
lose track of time 弄乱时间
lost count 弄不清楚
lost one’s nerve 失去勇气
lost one’s temper 发脾气
lost weight 瘦了
loudmouth 多嘴的人
lousy cliches 陈词滥调
lousy things 讨厌的事;卑鄙下流的事
lucky dog 幸运儿


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