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非婚生子女 illegitimate child
盗窃枪支 crime of stealing firearms and ammunition
盗窃武器装备 theft of military equipment
道真仡佬族苗族自治县 Daozheng Mulao Nationality Autonomous County
得到证实 to be believed
得利者 beneficiary
抵触 contravene
抵押 mortgage
抵押品 pledge
抵押物 mortgage
地方人民检察院 Local People’s Procuratorate
地役权 easement
第二审判庭 second tribunal
第三者 the third party
第一审判庭 first tribunal
典当物 pledge
订货合同卡片 a card of contract
订立 formation
定案结论 verdict
定案理由 reason for decision
定金 deposit
定期减免所得税 regular reduction of income tax
定性 determination on the nature
丢弃 waive
东北人民政府 Northeast People’s Government
东乡族自治县 Dongxiang Nationality Autonomous County
董事会 board of directors
动机 intention, motive
冻干健康人血浆 frozen dry healthy human blood
冻干血浆 frozen dry blood plasma
冻结 freeze, suspend
都安瑶族自治县 Duan Yao Nationality Autonomous County
毒品罪 narcotic drug crime
独立的不法行为 independent wrong
独立个案 individual cases
独立核算工业企业 independent accounting unit
独立请求书 independent claim
独立审判 independent adjudication
渎职罪 crime of dereliction of duty
断绝 cease
对等原则 principle of reciprocity
对等原则并参照国际惯例 the principle of reciprocity and in reference to the international practice
对合同词句应当按照事情是有效的而不是无效的来理解 verba ita sunt intelligenda ut res magis valeat guam pareat
对金钱借贷的规定 regulations of money lending
对滥用职权的法律补救 legal remedy for abuses of power
对立的一方 opposite party
对令状的发出作确认 acknowledge the issue of the writ
对上诉抗辩 oppose an appeal
对书面文件的词句应当按照对提出词句的当事人尤为不利的原则来解释 verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem
对外经济法律顾问处 Foreign Economic Legal Consultancy office
对外经济律师事务所 foreign trade law firm
对外经济贸易仲裁委员会 Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
对外贸易经济合作部 Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic
对物诉讼令状 writ in rem
对帐 reconcile, reconciliation
多边公约 multilateral convention
多边国际公约 multi-latreal international conventions
多分 a larger share
多头 long position, bull position
多头仲裁 multiple arbitration
多于一名人士 2 or more persons
多元立法体制 plural legislative structure
多元主义 pluralism
峨边彝族自治县 Ebian Yi Nationality Autonomous County
恩施土家族苗族自治县 Enshi Tujia Nationality Miao Nationality Autonomous County
恩恤付款 ex gratia payment
二审 second instance
二审裁定书 order of second instance
二审法院 Court of Second Instance
二审判决书 written order of Second Instance
二者只能择其一 the inclusion of one is the exclusion of the other
发行审核委员会 the Issuance Examination Commission
发回重审 remand a lawsuit for a new trial
发货人 consignor, shipper
发生法律效力 be legally effective
发现 discovery
发展规划 development plan
罚款 Fin
法案 bill
法定部门 statutory machinery
法定代表律师 Official Solicitor
法定代表人 legal representative
法定代理人 legal agent
法定继承 legal inheritance
法定继承人 legal heir
法定监护人 legal guardian
法定期限 time limit provided by law
法定义务 legal duty
法定语言 legal language
法定主管当局 statuory authority
法官法 judges law
法官考评委员会 committee for the examination and appraisal of judges
法规 laws and regulations
法纪 Law and Discipline
法纪监督 supervision over legal discipline
法理背景 jurisprudential background
法理背景 jurisprudential base
法理学 jurisprudence
法令 decree
法律程序文件 written process
法律冲突 conflict of laws
法律服务所 Legal Service Office
法律概念 legal concept
法律顾问处 Legal Consultant Office
法律行律 juristic act
法律行为 act under the law
法律后果 legal effect
法律解释权 power of law interpretation
法律面前人人平等 equality before the law
法律上的财产处分 legal disposition of property
法律上的能力 legal capacity
法律效果 legal effect
法律性 legality
法律性文献 legal document
法律虚无主义 legal nihilism
法律依据 legal basis
法律制裁 legal sanctions
法律制度 structure of the law
法人 legal person
法人代表 legal representative
法人单位 legal entity
法人委托书 power of attorney
法庭程序文件 process of court
法团公司 incorporated company
法系地区 relevant law area
法学派别 School of Legal Scholare
法学研究所 Institute of Law
法医 medicolegal
法院 court
法院组织法 organic law of the courts
法制委员会 Commission on Legislation Affairs
翻新 revision
反驳 disprove
反对通知书 notice of objection
反革命宣传煽动罪 crime of counter revolutionary propaganda and incitement
反革命罪 crime of counter-revolution
反悔 repudiate, resile
反诉 counter-claim
反要约 counter offer
反走私 anti-smuggling
返还 restitution
返还性损害赔偿金 restitutionary damages
犯 commit
犯人 convict
犯罪分子 offender
犯罪行为 actus reus
犯罪客观方面 objective aspect of crime
犯罪客体 object of crime
犯罪事实 particulars of offense
犯罪心意 mens rea
犯罪中止 discontinuation of a crime
犯罪主观 subject of crime
犯罪主观方面 subjective aspect of crime
贩**秽物品罪 crime of selling pornographic articles
贩卖毒品 crime of drug trafficking
贩卖假药罪 crime of selling bogus medicines
贩运伪造的国家货币罪 crime of trafficking in counterfeit national currency
方便与公平的原则 principles of convenience and fairness
防城各族自治县 Fangcheng Ge Nationality Autonomous County
防止性禁制令 prohibitory injunction
妨碍 pervert
妨碍司法公正 interfere with the course of justice
妨碍司法公正 obstruction of justice
妨害公务罪 crime of interference with public administration
妨害公务罪 crime of interference with state functions
妨害社会管理秩序罪 crime of disrupting the order of social administration
妨害他人婚姻家庭罪 crime of disrupting marriage and the family
房款凭证 evidence of purchasing money for real estate
房屋的产权 property right in real estate
房屋估价单 home appraisal report
房屋继承 successor in title, transferee in real estate, transferee mottoes
放行条 release pass
放火罪 crime of arson
放弃 relinquish
放弃 waive
非法 illegal
非法 unlawful
非法查封 unlawful foreclosure
非法查封财产 unlawfully seal up property
非法逮捕, 拘禁或搜身 unlawful arrest, detention, and search
非法的告发 wrongful prosecution
非法的检举 wrongful prosecution
非法购买 illegally purchasing
非法拘禁罪 crime of unlawful detention
非法同居关系 cohabiting unlawfully
非法制造枪支及弹药罪 crime of illegally manufacturing firearms and ammunition
非法转让 unlawful assign men
非专业人士 lay persons
诽谤 defame
合法的 legitimate
提出具体意见 submit detailed opinions on
调查 investigation
调查报告 investigation
调查取证 investigate and collect evidence
调解 mediate
调解和强制措施 mediation and enforcement measure
调解书 mediation agreement
调解书字号 Written Mediation No.


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